Thursday, March 24, 2005

Incest and Abortions...

In the USA, very very few of the total number of abortions are due to incest. In surveys, it's reported to be the reason for the abortion in 1% of cases or less. Here is a good survey of the data by Robert Johnson. Another good summary can be found here, at Baptists for Life.

This is very interesting to me because if you go to incest boards, people often ask to talk to those who have had a child by incest. Nobody ever asks about those who aborted an incestuous pregnancy.

If you click over here, you find that "incest victims only very rarely volunteer to have an abortion." (Maloof, "The Consequences of Incest: Giving and Taking Life" The Psychological Aspects of Abortion (eds. Mall & Watts, Washington, D.C., University Publications of America, 1979) 84-85.)

That correlates well with the fact that "in the only major study of pregnant rape victims ever done, Dr. Sandra Mahkorn found that 75 to 85 percent chose against abortion." (Mahkorn, "Pregnancy and Sexual Assault," The Psychological Aspects of Abortion, eds. Mall & Watts, Washington, D.C., University Publications of America, 1979, 55-69.)

Given the high disposition of women to keep their unborn children even when raped or because of abusive incest, it would seem to me that those who unwittingly get pregnant due to a consensual incestuous relationship would be even more likely to avoid an abortion.

Family Law and Incest...

If gay marriage is legalized, will it inevitably lead to the legalization of other sorts of marital arrangements? There is an interesting slippery slope argument here. And I don't think it's a foolish one.

The arguments in favor of gay marriage are largely being couched in terms of individual rights and the right to freely associate with other individuals. If one individual (who happens to be a woman) wants to legally contract with another (who happens to be a man), and if rights of contract are based on individual rights, then what grounds does the law have to prevent one individual (who happens to be a man) from marrying another individual (who happens to be a man)? But, as far as incest is concerned...If all these marrying rights are individually based, then what is to stop one individual (who happens to be a daughter) from marrying another individual (who happens to be her father)? There's no end to it.

But the legalization of incest would be at the bottom of the slippery slope. First gay marriage...which looks to be half way there. Next, polyamory. Which just got a big proponent in the way of University of Chicago Law School professor Elizabeth F. Emens. She just put out a paper ("Monogamy's Law: Compulsory Monogamy and Polyamorous Existence" in Volume 29, Number 2 of The New York University Review of Law and Social Change) arguing forcefully for the legalization of polyamory--multiple person marriages. My guess is that this will be the start of something big, and that if gay marriage isn't stopped soon, we will very quickly slide down the slope to legalized incest. How quickly? A generation. Maybe 30 years. Fast in legal terms. You can find a good article about it here, by Stanley Kurtz.

Now, not being involved in incest personally, and not being actually attracted to anyone in my own family, I am not the best person to be arguing for the interests of those who would like to legalize adult incest. In fact, I see lots of potential problems, as hinted at by my last post on Cousin Marriages. But I'm confident that if gay marriage goes through, polyamory will be next, and then adult incest. There just won't be any legal ground on which to oppose it.

Cousin Couples...

Here is a very interesting post by Steve Sailer about the problems caused in Muslim countries by the very high rates of cousin marriages there. In particular, with families so tighly bound together by many overlapping blood ties, most social organizations are family oriented to an extreme degree. How extreme? To the degree that strangers and acquaintances have a hard time working together. There is simply too much distrust of those who are not members of your own family.

How common is cousin marriage in Iraq? How about 50% of marriages. And the incestuous ties are even greater than that statistic implies because this has been going on for generations.

But does this say anything about Western countries and the fight for incestuous rights? I think it does. Those fighting for incestuous rights now are doing so in the context of a society that is extremely hostile to incest. As such, there are very few incestuous couples around. And, as a result, their numbers are far too small to affect overall social organization, as is the case in Iraq.

But, we must not assume that if incest is legalized, it won't have the same sort of detrimental effects as seen in Iraq. It very well may. Incestual family bonds may be much stronger than non-incestual family bonds in ways that affect how family members deal with non-family members.

Now, for a little balance, do go over to Cousin Couples and check out their very pro-cousin marriage website. But do remember that they have the freedome to be arguing for cousing marriages in the context of a society that doesn't have to deal with the detrimental effects of incest becuase it is so rare. If it became common, it might bring with it a rash of problems, as it has in other countries. Plus, there is the slipery slope argument. Even in Iraq, you can't marry your mother. If incest is legalized in the West, the you could. And the problems with that sort of a situation--if it becomes common enough--might be much worse than with common cousin marriages.


Here it is. The incest blog.

I must admit I've never done it. And I'm not attracted to anyone in my family.

But incest erotica turns me on. The thought of two people being so attracted to each other that they'd willingly violate our largest taboo is, to me, some measure of just how deep their lusts must run. And lusts of that magnitude I find very attractive.

I'm going to use this blog for two purposes. The first is to post in one convenient place lots of links to incest erotica and information. The second is to give a place where those involved in incest can make a permanent posting about their experiences.

A few caveats are in order. First, I am wholeheartedly against rape. Along those lines, most pedophilia is outright rape (coerced sex) or is at least statutory rape (not coerced, but if a child isn't legally capable of giving consent, then it can hardly be called consensual.) In addition, adult incest can also be rape.

This blog will be about consensual incest. If the comment boards don't stay clean, they won't remain open. No child porn. No rape. I hope that's clear.

That being said, please contribute to this blog. Links, comments, stories--they are all welcome.