Friday, April 01, 2005

State By State Incest Statutes for the Entire USA

Here is a link to a pdf file compiled by the National District Attorneys' Association of each and every one of the 50 States' statutes regarding incest. I have not read through it in detail, but the major incest board poster Hans has read through it all (bless him) and has concluded (after warning that he's no lawyer) that the laws seem to indicate that "consensual adult incest in general is legal in Michigan, New Jersey, and Rhode Island. And consensual adult incest, with the exception of incest between parents and children, is legal in: Ohio."

If this is in fact the case, I'm pretty well shocked. I had assumed that incest was strictly prohibited under law everywhere in the USA. It would be interesting to see if there are other jurisdictions around the world where it is not illegal.

UPDATE: It turns out that the National District Attorneys' Association condensed the above long winded listings of each state's incest statutes into this handy table. With the table to cut through the clutter, it seems that Hans was very right about Ohio and Rhode Island, but not about Michigan and New Jersey. Kudos to Kia for finding the original link.


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