Monday, June 06, 2005

Slate on Incest

Here are two articles by William Saletan that have appeared in Slate. The first one is on the cousin incest movement, and the second on whether legalizing gay sex will lead to the legalization of incest.

Incest in Folktales

Dr. D.L. Ashliman of the University of Pittsburgh has posted this extensive essay on Incest in Indo-European Folktales. It's worth a read.

The History of How Anthropologists Invented the "Incest Taboo"

Incest is a Latin word. Taboo is a Tongan world. It took a bunch of early anthropologists and sociologists to put the two together, as told by Tim Mason in this academic article called Incest: Frontiers and Syncretism.

Forbidden Love

Here's the link to the Guardian (London) article on incest in the UK that was published in 2002 and entitled Forbidden Love.

Ungentlemanly Acts

Here is a book review of Ungentlemanly Acts: The Army's Notorious Incest Trial. It's about the true life case of an office courtmartialed for womanizing and seducing the daughter of another officer who struck back by accusing the father of incest. And it's in Texas during the cowboy days.

Choose Your Own Incest Adventure...

Back in grade school, there were books sold to kids under the "Choose Your Own Adventure" category. Every few pages, you had to decide, for instance, whether to take the black door or the brown door, or to help the stranger or run.

Well, it turns out that the genre lives on line at, where you can play such story games in a variety of categorys including of course incest---afer all, why else would I post about it here? As of this posting there are 123 incest stories to choose from. So will you flirt with your mom or go mow the lawn?